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Freedom and Liberty, once abundant in our state, are currently under attack from virtually every angle.

Never in history has a statewide elected official been recalled in Colorado, but never before have we experienced such arrogant attacks to our freedoms.

Jared Polis simply must go before his fundamental transformation of Colorado is completed.

Backed by a state legislature willing to pass any bill he gives a nod to; Jared Polis is actively destroying Colorado as we know it one bill at a time. Already, we’ve seen:

  • The National Popular Vote Compact to disenfranchise CO voters
  • Red Flag Bills to disarm law abiding citizens
  • Job-Killing Oil & Gas setbacks
  • Radical Sexual Education overhaul in our schools
  • Attempts to destroy the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR)
  • Forced single-payer health care statewide

(You can read more about each issue below.)

This radical barrage of legislation is having a negative impact on every single household in Colorado.

We must all come together right now to save our state!

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