Coloradans Against Jared Polis is an Independent Expenditure Committee established and operated by a grassroots network of conservative Coloradans.

Our team needs your help to defeat Governor Jared Polis.

Colorado cannot withstand another 2+ years of Polis’s radical agenda.

Please donate today!

Funds raised will be used for communication expenses and website maintenance related to the ongoing recall of Governor Polis in 2020, and are to be spent by Coloradans Against Jared Polis.
At their request, no funds will be sent to the organizers of the Recall Polis 2020 Committee.
Should the recall be unsuccessful, any leftover funds will be used for grassroots activities leading up to the Colorado’s Gubernatorial Race in 2022 where Coloradans will have another chance to remove Polis from office.

To mail a contribution instead, please send checks to:

Coloradans Against Jared Polis
PO Box 1005
Johnstown, CO 80534

(Please be sure to include your occupation and employer on a separate sheet of paper)