Why should Sen. Pete Lee be recalled immediately?

Sen. Pete Lee (D) VOTED to SUPPORT:

– SB19-042: National Popular Vote Compact (Giving CO votes to New York/California in Presidential Elections)

– SB19-181: Oil & Gas Ban (killing jobs and wrecking our CO economy)

– HB19-1032: Radical Sex Ed Curriculum (pushed by Planned Parenthood)

– HB19-1177: Red Flag Gun Confiscation (allows for secret court hearings without accused’s knowledge and allows government to forcibly enter your home anytime without warning after an ERPO is issued)

– HB19-1017: Government Tracking of K-5th Graders’ “Emotional Health” (No opt-out for parents and authorizes home visits from government)

– HB19-1120: Parental Rights Violation (Allows government approved psychotherapists to talk to your children starting at age 12 w/o parental knowledge or consent)

– SB19-139: Authorizes Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

– Taxpayer Dollars to support Heroin Injection Sites for Drug Abusers

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