As promised, Resist Polis PAC is on the air to reach more voters across Colorado.

Check out newest our radio ad here:


Currently, these ads are running on the following stations:

Between 6am and 1pm
During the Richard Randall show as well as Rush Limbaugh

Between 6am and 1pm
During the Jimmy Lakey show as well as Rush Limbaugh

AM 1100 KNZZ
During the Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh shows

Is your favorite station not listed here yet?

In the coming days, we will be adding more ads to more stations. But we have to admit, this ad buy took most of our funds.

Please help us keep reach more stations in Colorado by making a contribution below, and be sure to add your favorite station in the comment section.

Thank you for helping to save Colorado!

To mail a contribution instead, please send checks to:

Resist Polis PAC
PO Box 44396
Denver, CO 80201

(Please be sure to include your occupation and employer)