Reasons for Recalling Jared Polis:

Abuse of Power

Polis has far-exceeded the scope of his powers under the Disaster Emergency Act, and repeatedly and senselessly extended Colorado's State of Emergency.

Attempted Devastation of the Oil & Gas Industry

Contrary to his campaign promises, Jared Polis signed SB19-181 into law shortly after taking office, which invalidated the popular vote of the people from the November prior on a very similar initiative.

Unilaterally Spending COVID Relief Funds

Polis spent $1.6 BILLION of the CARES Act funds without consulting state legislators or anyone else for that matter.

Signed the Unconstitutional "Red Flag" Bill into law.

Dangerous and downright ripe for abuse, the "red flag" law gives government the authority to strip citizens of firearms without due process.

First Amendment Violations

By forcing the closure of Churches under the guise of "public safety", Polis violated the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.