Last November, Coloradans cast their votes to defeat Proposition 112, an anti-Oil & Gas industry measure which would have dealt a major blow to the Colorado economy and effectively banned new oil and gas development here. Ignoring the wishes of the Colorado voters, anti-industry activists are working with liberal members of the legislature to all but eliminate the $31 billion oil and gas industry in Colorado.

Working its way to Jared Polis’ desk is Senate Bill 181, which is essentially Proposition 112 reincarnated. If signed into law by Polis, this bill would place an instant moratorium on new oil and gas development In Colorado.

Each year, this industry provides nearly $700 million to Colorado schools and colleges through taxes paid.

More than 230,000 Coloradans directly or indirectly could to lose their jobs if this bill were to become law.

Estimates claim more than $13.5 billion (with a “B”) will be lost in tax revenue in Colorado in just ten years’ time, and potentially more than $250 billion in lost GDP growth in the same time frame.

More than 2,000 pages long, it would seem the purpose of the bill is to confuse us with conflicts in rules and unworkable regulations, all disguised under the veil of protecting our environment.

Simply put, Colorado cannot afford SB 181. The loss of jobs alone would bankrupt the state, not to mention leave our schools without the proper supplies for education our future generations.

Senate Bill 181 is only one example of the many ways Governor Jared Polis has and will continue to work to destroy the Gas & Oil Industry in our state. We must stop him before it’s too late.